LARP Toolkit

In this section we will open-source and share various tooling other WAGDIE LARP participants have used, from assets to links of services

Letter Assets

From free services and apps such as Microsoft Paint & Pixlr to paid services such as Photoshop & Canva allow users to combine these Letter Assets as a backdrop with WAGDIE font or a font of their choosing to LARP Letters.


Using pixlr (free service) in combination with wagdie.wiki traits one could layer assets and create their own WAGDIE, taking advantage of the CCO properties and creating a free LARP char. Won't be able to enter it into events or use fateofwagdie.com but could be useful for LARP fun.

Video Editing

From free services such as clipchamp.com to paid services such as Videoleap, LARP participants can edit and create their own videos using WAGDIE assets. Clipchamp in addition to being a FREE service, it's cloud-based, allowing users to switch between devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet).
Remove Background from Image – remove.bg
Use this to remove BG from WAGDIE and easily add to any BG
Ai Tooling, best for creating Backgrounds for sequential storytelling with removed BG WAGDIE
Ai Tooling, best for full-body and sequential storytelling with removed BG WAGDIE
Turn images into GIFs / slightly animate
Online video to GIF converter
Converting Video to Gifs, Editing Images, Converting Formats etc.