Proof of Lore

WAGDIE's collection is validated by its' rich and coherent depth of lore, from not only the central team, but the community as well. We call this abstract consensus mechanism Proof of Lore.
Whereas Proof of Work or Proof of Stake are used to validate cryptocurrency on the blockchain, Proof of Lore is used to validate dynamic changes to the WAGDIE Collection. Since its' inception, the collection is ever-evolving, in an indefinite state of curation, by both the central team and community. From reductions in size to the overall collection through 'burning' mechanism, to individual metadata changes to a token, each and every action is backed and documented through lore. Documented through Social Media, web2 tooling (audio, video, gifs/pictures) in combination with verifiable on chain actions (transfer transactions, location staking, and Chainlink VRF dice rolls).
In an effort to archive and work towards streamlining the process, ProofofLore.eth (0x28D6AA42405a47BCDE51221CD81E61032CDbbd3E) has been setup. This address is operated by a Gnosis safe and open for all participants to submit archives of lore (optional).
studio.manifold.xyz allows participants to create contracts and mint ERC 721 and 1155 tokens, for ~.01 eth or less. This also opens the optional ability to create multiple editions, open for sale, allowing active participants to collect 'tips' for their work. It also allows for creators to build questing related items to their story.
mirror.xyz allows participants to create blockchain archives of text, image, gif entries and open to funding/creation of Optimism 721 tokens. Unfortunately these cannot be sent to ProofofLore.eth gnosis at this time, but they can be organized on the Featured page of OpenSea.