Hosting Events

This section is dedicated to community hosted events, from Questing/Tournaments/Duels to Spaces activations not too dissimilar from WAGDIE main dev events/activations


Video speed up 3x speed, can take 1min+ to create block

wagD20 (on-chain dice rolls)

From wagdie.net one can create their own verifiable/on-chain dice rolling mechanics following the directions on the website and in the gif above. It can take over a minute to create the block, but once it's mined one is able to roll in perpetuity, as needed, without delay.

0xThriving's Quest Creator

Characters can be added to right and left side with 'Add Character Right/Left' button using Tokenid, hp, maxhp, name, override image link, damage taken' After establishing RNG from wagD20, can Upload Rng into the creator.
Example King hosting King v Chen Duel

DIY Questing with Dice Tooling (advanced technique)

Using wagdie.net's WagD20 dice tooling and establishing ruleset (rolls 1-50 deal blows by A, and rolls 51-100 deal blows by B, with Critical roles closest to 1 for A and 100 for B) to confirm TXN. Photoshop or Pixlr (paid & free image tooling) with PFP of participants + HP, editing for each roll and damage. Upload results and images to Twitter, including flavor text/lore dialogue, rinse and repeat until victory is declared.