WAGDIE: Characters

Like other digital collectibles, WAGDIE characters offer a PFP/Digital Identity on Socials, trade/collector opportunities based on varying rarities of traits & aesthetics, a rarer class known as the Decrepit and a collection of 1/1s known as The 17.
Unlike most collectibles, WAGDIE is a living curated set, with its' own deflationary mechanic, through lore progression & participation, known as burning. Tokens sent to the burnaddress are unrecoverable and in the Forsaken Lands, marked as dead or burned.
Furthermore, WAGDIE doubles-down on Digital Identity by offering customization, via a Character page where participants edit stats, name/bio, and streamlines the ability to participate in events, such as a WAR (risk of death) with its' unique Location Staking feature.
In summary, each WAGDIE offers: