Key Terms

List of Key Terms used within this documentation, WAGDIE, and NFT Community
LARP: Acronym for Live Action RolePlay appropriated and abused by WAGDIE participants to refer to any RP or RolePlaying.
DM/GM: Acronym for Dungeon Master & Game Master appropriated by WAGDIE to refer to the Lore Delivery with Call to Action Participant.
In-Char/In-Lore: Any talking as Character/in-character, can also be LARP, but In-Lore is discussing events that occurred in terms of LORE and story.. as opposed to Meta.
Meta: Referring to the decisions and mechanics of events, outside of Lore/Story/Character.
PFP: Acronym for Picture-For-Proof, an NFT term for one's Profile Picture or Digital Identity
Digital Identity: Profile picture tied to NFT and tied to a Name via an ENS domain linked to a wallet.
NFT: Acronym for Non-Fungible Token, used with any digital collectible on the blockchain, fungible and non-fungible by the NFT community.
ENS: Ethereum Naming Service, HTML-ish for the Ethereum network. Most commonly used to link to a metamask wallet, easier to share the location versus memorizing random letters & numbers.
Wallet: In the case of WAGDIE, Metamask or Coinbase wallet that houses assets on the Ethereum Blockchain, Layer 1, Side-chains and Layer 2s.
Ethereum: An incredible network, cryptocurrency with many applications including WAGDIE NFTs.
Blockchain: In the case of WAGDIE, anything on the Ethereum Layer 1, Side-chain or Layer 2 blockchains built on top of Ethereum. For a deeper dive into the term: Investopedia​
Web3: Appropriated by the NFT community to refer to anything using Blockchain technology.
Web3 Tooling: Appropriated by the WAGDIE community to refer to any tools and services that use Blockchain technology.