Recognizing Events

This section will go over Lore Delivery with Call to Action, Participants Respond, Outcome Determined, and Reward Distributed for the various Event Types thus far.

Questing Events

Lore Delivered with Call to Action

On Oct 7th 2022 there was a Twitter Spaces with the WAGDIE account, co-hosted by Ouroboros co-signing the authenticity of this participant as a GM to deliver Lore with Call to Actions. Participants were already location-staked using fateofwagdie.com/characters

Participants Respond

In this particular event, short-timed Twitter Polls (only available to staked participants) were used in tandem with image/audio/video lore delivery.

Outcome Determined

Results were determined by participants choices and if the results called for death, on-chain dice rolling mechanics were used with WAGDIE's own VRF Chainlink + Polygon Dice tooling.

Reward Distribution

In this particular situation, the results were unfavorable and the reward distributed was death to a single character. Which then allowed the participants to repeat the previous Twitter Polling steps again before advancing forward.

Lore/Direction Events

Lore Delivery with Call to Action (Snapshot link)
Participants Respond with Token-Gated Voting (Snapshot)
Outcome Determined by Snapshot Vote Ending, WAGDIE announces/confirms results
Reward Distribution: In this event case, Direction was the reward and an Upcoming Spaces

Lore/Riddle & Puzzle Events

Rita's Lore Delivery with Call to Action
Participants Respond: With direct Twitter Comments
Outcome Determined: In this type of event, winners are first to respond accurately
Reward Distribution: 2 Artificer Tokens of Concord were delivered as Promised

Tournament/Dueling/War Events