Tokens of Concord

Tokens of Concord are ERC1155 tokens, created and distributed in real-time, during milestone markers in lore development and unlocked through various achievement mechanics. Each represents a different Concord and not all are awarded to that Concord, during the same Event.
The Tributes of Art from Coven of Detriti were awarded during an event in the Swamps while Detriti's 1/1 Skull was during the War at the church. Molten Talisman were distributed from The Ruined Shrine before and used to enter the Turlo, while Raptors Tooth, Molten Heart, and Obsidian Blades were awarded for the same event.
Participation in story Events with risk, Tributes of Sacrifice/Art and Solving Riddles aren't the only ways to earn tokens. In Evolution of Workflows we highlighted their inception where not only was sacrifice exchanged, but community members who took initiative were awarded.
This led to the first WAGDIE Guild, Concord of Research, which established its' own token-gated community of builders.


Outside of representing Concords, the players themselves use Tokens and/or WAGDIE to create their own recognized Guilds. While the Field Notes created an incubator for the community of builders, the Fetid Crow's Talon fostered the Dark Blade Guild. DBG was one of the first to LARP their influence on the fate of NPC characters metadata changes to a WAGDIE character.


Currently all tokens are 1 per vote, same as WAGDIE, except Her Ember (2) and Flame of 21 (3)! Voting is used to decide lore direction/fate of chars, ask questions of important NPCs (Gregor), and in governance of community funds/Conclave. Tokens awarded for participation create an opportunity to balance voting power beyond amassing votes with secondary purchases.
In summary, each Token of Concord offers: